Wholesale cosmetics and make up

1. First, choose a cleansing lotion suitable for your skin to wash your face. According to your skin type, choose a skin care product that suits you. Choose a cream or a segregation according to your preference.
2, liquid foundation: Before using the liquid foundation, it is necessary to do a good job of water replenishment. The use of liquid foundation on hydrated skin is easier to push open and never peels off.
Use a make-up sponge or puff to remove uneven and excess foundation.

3, concealer: according to the situation of your face using a concealer pen, concealer, cover cream, etc., to modify their own face. Mainly to cover dark circles, acne and other facial paralysis.
4, fixed makeup
Finally, apply a loose powder evenly on the face with a puff or a makeup brush to maintain the makeup effect for a longer period of time.

5, draw eyebrows: choose yourself to prefer eyebrow pencil, draw your favorite eyebrows
6, eye shadow: You have to choose a color similar to your skin color but higher brightness to brighten your eye sockets.

7, eyeliner
Tool selection: available eyeliner, eyeliner, eyeliner

8, mascara

9, contou&highlights

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10, blush is also a part of the repair capacity, it is the key to enhance the color.

11, lipstick
In the first fifteen minutes, you can use lipstick to apply to the lips to soften the dead skin. The lip liner draws the contour of the outer edge of the lips to adjust the shape of the lips. Then use lip gloss or lipstick to further modify the color and brightness of the lips.

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