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ia_500000785 In addition to the glamorous eye makeup, the lips are also very attractive parts, sexy lips will add a lot to your overall image. The ideal lip shape is that the lower lip is thicker than the upper lip, but most people’s lips are not as standard. Girls often feel distressed because their lips are too thick and too thin, too big or too small, or the upper and lower lips are asymmetrical.

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First choose a cover cream that is similar to the color around your lips. Take a little bit with the ring finger, apply it to the lip line, and gently smudge it to make it more natural. Then use your lip liner to expand or shrink the lip line according to your face shape and the shape you want to change.


It is generally believed that the use of a lip liner to outline the contour has two major uses, on the one hand, to create a more perfect lip shape, on the one hand to prevent the lipstick from blooming.


Post time: Aug-27-2019
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